Ponza Island in the Tyrrhenian Sea, located off the Gulf of Gaeta, it is the largest and most important of the archipelago which gives its name (Pontine islands) . The Island of Ponza has an area of 7.5 km2, population is about 3200 inhabitants. Volcanic origin, rugged and rocky, fringed by numerous rocks the island presents a succession of coves and bays such as Cala D'Acqua and Cala d'Inferno. Ponza is the only main town on the southeastern coast, which is built up around the fishing port, and and maritime services joining the continent .

Itinerary on sailboat - Ponza and Pontine Islands


an uninhabited islet, just off the northern tip of Ponza.Ithas a rocky coastline and few small beaches. Gavi and Ponzaare the remains of a caldera rim of an extinct volcano. Exciting dive sites and interesting backdrops for for fans of scuba diving .   


the green isle of Zannone is a nature reserve, and also the site of a ruined monastery, built in 1213. It’s the wildest and pristine island of the entire archipelago. Its entire area, safeguarded for its particular habitats, it’s only accessible by guided tours .


defined by many the most beautiful island in the world, Palmarola is an uninhabited island and, perhaps, this makes it even more appealing to those who wish to explore it and admire its beauty.The clarity of the water and the charm of its coast, capture the attention of the visitors, who remain enchanted.


the island is the residue of an ancient prehistoric volcano. The natural beauty of these offshore waters, along with its richvariety of coastal offer an ideal habitat for the reproduction ofcountless species of fish and for the transit of flocks of cetaceans such as dolphins, whales and cachalots.

Santo Stefano

The small island of Santo Stefano, offshore, is dominated by a prison where once held some of the country's most-wanted criminals, built by the Bourbons and in use until 1965. The island is privately owned.


The Island of Ponza is a small wonder of the Tyrrhenian Sea with volcanic rock extended for about seven miles and divided into 2 fractions. A panorama of rocks sculpted by wind and sea, the wide expanse of the Tyrrhenian Sea, gusts of wind carry delicate scents of Mediterranean flowers and play on the waves.

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