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Speaking of the sea in Corsica, we cannot fail to mention the local people who have always been whole some and nature based and the and the incomparable beauty of the golden beaches lapped by crystal-clear waters.

With this sailing route you willbe experiencing an area with a natural beauty unique in the world.

If you’re thinking in spending your next holiday sailing in the Mediterranean sea, then you should consider Corsica as the place to go to. Often described as ‘L’Ile de beauté’ or the Island of beauty, and with deep azure blue waters and white sandy bays and a rugged mountaineous landscape as a impressive backdrop, it’s not hard to see why.

In a few hours of sailing by boat or catamaran we will also have the chance to reach the other little islands of Corsica: Lavezzi and Cavallo, the hidden treasures at the very wildheart of this region. We can provide youthe right full equipment for divingand snorkeling.

Itinerary on sailboat - Corsica


even though officially part of France, it has more of an Italian feel to it. There are plenty of places to choose from for your night’s frivolities, there is a choice of restaurants around the marina, but for a true taste of Corsica you can enjoy local dishes surrounded by the sights and sounds of the locals.    

Lavezzi Island

this protected clutch of uninhabited islets were made for those who love nothing better than splashing in tranquil lapis-lazuli waters. Savage beauty aside, the island's superb natural pools and scenic stretches of sand beg long-and-lazy sunbathing and swimming sessions.

Cavallo Island

is the only inhabited island of the Lavezzi Archipelago, 2.3 km from the Corsican coast, close to the Strait of Bonifacio. It is about 13 km from Sardinia. The island is French territory. Cavallo Island is about 120 hectares in area and its highest point is 32 metres above sea level. It has a small port.

Rondinara Beach

take your time to discover little by little the shape of shell and the Tahitian color of the bay from the road, but once on the beach you'll have no other choice than being entirely won over by the peacefulness and the gentle pleasures of life that rule there.

Santa Giulia Beach

the sea is exceptionally shallow and calm, with small areas of reef that you can easily wade out to. Beachgoers enjoy paddling around in the knee-deep water, soaking up the unique atmosphere. Santa Guilia is an ideal beach for small children, although inevitably gets very busy with families.

San Cipriano Beach

this beach is a 1 km moon-shaped beach in a sheltered inlet with the spectacular Aiguilles de Bavella mountains stretching into the distance inland. A short distance away is a small additional cove and immediately behind the beach a lagoon adds to the natural beauty of the area.

Caprera Island

when visiting Caprera you can anchor in Cala Coticcio, in what can only be described as a natural swimming pool where the water is clear and a gorgeous emerald colour. When the sun is setting it turns the rocks and beaches a shade of pink. This is a fantastic Island.

La Maddalena Island

great destination on any itinerary. The island of Maddalena is renowned for its beaches; It is connected by causeway with the nearby island of Caprera, famous as the residence of the Italian revolutionary Giuseppe Garibaldi. Spalmatore and Bassa Trinita are two popular beaches.


Corsica provides a fascinating and very varied cruising ground for yachts, ranging from the superb sweep of the bay of Calvi at the north end of the island, with its marina and numerous mooring buoys, to the awe-inspiring sea cleft and harbour of Bonifacio at the southern end. Other harbours with marina facilities include the capital, Ajaccio and Propriano on the west coast; Porto Vecchio, Solenzara, Campoloro and Bastia on the east coast, and St Florent and L'Ile Rousse on the north coast. There are numerous delightful anchorages around the island where a yacht can drop the hook overnight in favourable weather...

The island comprises rugged coastlines and rugged west , while to the east are low and uniform fringed ponds and lagoons. To those who arrive by sea, the island looks like a single mountain rising from the sea while approaching , we realize that it is many massive , all pretty high as Cinto (d. 2707 ), the Padro (d. 2393 ) the Round ( 2.625 m ) . The island is home to the " Regional Natural Park " , which covers the vast mountainous area inside and overlooking the sea , between Calvi and Porto, with a high and rocky coast .


Our cruises depart from Tuscany ( Livorno and Elba ), or from Sardinia ( Cannigione ) . Depending on the time available for the cruise you will visit the city of Bastia and maybe turn the northern tip going towards St. Florent and Calvi or visit the anchorages to the south and enjoy unforgettable landscapes . Bastia is one of the most beautiful cities of Corsica. Italian city to its origins , it retains the heart and the Citadelle , between the old district of Old Earth , founded in 1380 , and that of Terra Nova , which began a century later, is setting the Genoese domination . Nevertheless, Bastia keeps some Neapolitan accent with its houses full of cracks, its wrought-iron balconies and facades where floating merrily multicolored garlands lines . The Sea Port of Saint Florent nestles at the foot of the Cap Corse , in the bottom of a gulf that bears his name , at the height of Bastia, the capital of the North. Bonifacio : nothing can resist the charm of this old city of glittering whiteness , nor the appeal of its old alleys up toward the sky .

Along the creeks from which you can sense the islands of Lavezzi and Cavallo, or Sardinia, you will be charmed by the beauty of nature. Porto Vecchio and its stunning coastline and beaches pearly Gulfs from the evocative name escapist dream , Santa Giulia , Cala Rossa, Rondinara , Pinarello

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