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Mediterranean Yacht Charter - Catamarans & Boat Rental in Italy

Mediterranean Sailing Vacations & catamarans Rental
Yacht Charter with skipper

In the Mediterranean sea we are glad to offer you a wide range of Catamarans, Sailing Boats and Yachts for rent. The Mediterranean Sailing Charter is certainly one of the most popular and best options for a sailing vacation.

Yacht charter with Us allows to enjoy in wonderful destinations that will surely leave a great impression on you. Our Mediterranean Sailing routes are: Sardinia, Corsica, Elba Island (Tuscany), Aeolian Islands, Pontine Islands and Amalfi Coast.

All our boats represent a perfect balance of size, performance and comfort and come equipped with a full array of water-sports accessories, hi-tech entertainment systems.

With MadMax Charter you can choose among more than 30 Boats of different type and lengths. Every vessel in our fleet combines elegance and functionality, is newly purchased and fitting in excellent condition. We offer a wide range of sailboats up to 50 feet, including catamarans such as the Lagoon 42 and the Nautitech 47. Depending on the size of the model, they can accommodate between 6 and 12 people. All boats are chartered with the following standard security equipment and many other accessories to sail in peace and comfort.

Aeolian Islands Cruises - Mediterranean Sailing Vacations

Whether you have already sailed in the Mediterranean or you are going for the first time,
you should immediately start your search for your ideal sailing boat or ship on our spage
Madmax Sailing Charter offers a wide range of sailing boats and yachts that offer all the necessary comfort.
In addition, expert team of sailors and top professionals with many years of experience will provide you with completely safety and carefree sailing.
So do not wait a long time, but immediately start looking for your boat on the Madmax Sailing Charter
so that you step into the small paradise called Sardinia as soon as possible!

Mediterranean Sailing Vacations: Sardinia boat rental, Corsica boat rental, Tuscan Archipelago Cruises, Capri, Neaples and the wonderful coastlines of Amalfi

MadMax charter Guaranteed Rental® is our pledge to our customers.It gives you the peace of mind of always boarding catamarans in perfect conditions: if anything is broken (not in working conditions) you get your money back.It provides amenities like beer on tap (complimentary for the entire cruise) an espresso machine, a large barbeque grill, fishing gear, two kayaks, and more. It guarantees you'll find a competent skipper (not always a given with other companies) who's also a polite and helpful person (even less of a given!) Last but not least you don't even need to pay a deposit, unheard of elsewhere !

Catamaran rental with skipper for cruises Elba island and Corsica
Sailing Boats Guaranteed Rental
Mediterranean Sailing Vacations Catamarans Rental & Sailing Cruises

For further information about mediterranenean charter talk directly with me

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Take a look at all the possibilities for your rental of catamaran, sailboat or yacht.

Mediterranean Sailing Charter with skipper

Why book with us?

Our skippers are expert sailors with several years of experience in Yachting and Cruises in the Mediterranean Sea. Skipper's responsibility is very high, so it is very important to keep in mind the importance of an experienced skipper for both you and the ship. Our crew members are highly qualified and have all the required skills and the necessary competence to operate a pleasure craft without limits from the coast.

Our sailing charter allows you to visit the most popular and beautiful places in the world: the possibilities for sailing charter in the mediterranean are infinite

Mediterranean Boat Rental & Sailing Charter

Boats rent with skipper - Yacht Charter Capri and Amalfi Coast - Aeolian Islands Cruises - Mediterranean Sailing Vacations

Sailing charter with skipper

Our skippers are top professionals with several years of experience in Yachting Cruises & Sailing Charter.

Skipper training

Skipper training in our sailing charter includes port maneuvering in a limited space with different wind conditions, anchoring, route planning, handling of GPS, evaluation of weather reports.

Our catamaran's fleet

The largest fleet of catamarans and sailing boats in the Mediterranean

Sailing Charter with skipper on the sea of Elba island (Tuscany)
Mediterranean Cruise with skipper